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Colin Rowntree Reflects on 30 Years of A Journey of Innovation in the Adult Industry

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Boston, Mass. – As the New Year of 2024 dawns, Colin Rowntree, the owner and founder of, finds himself in a reflective mood. This year marks an incredible milestone for the groundbreaking BDSM site as it celebrates 30 years since its launch. Colin, noting the remarkable changes in the online adult market over the years, sees this anniversary as a time for introspection and appreciation.

“From the technical infrastructure behind the site to the means by which we produce content, the evolution has been astounding,” Colin reflects. “It has been a hell of a ride, all the way around.”

What began as a humble, single-page site with about 30 pictures hosted on a numeric IP address has grown into a powerhouse of the early adult internet. Initially, Colin focused on licensing content to build the site’s library before transitioning to producing exclusive content.

Colin’s background in music, where he conducted symphonies, staged operas, and served as a musical director for church parishes, might seem worlds apart from his role in the adult industry. However, he sees similarities between the two vocations.

“When you’re directing orchestras and symphonies, you’re also essentially managing the orchestra,” Colin explains. “You ensure everything is in place, from chairs to music stands. There are more parallels between the two than one might think.”

Transitioning into adult filmmaking, Colin drew on his experience in music production. “It’s like staging a play or an opera,” he remarks. “There are dramatic elements, costuming, casting – it’s all there. I approached producing kinky photo sets and movies like producing an opera.”

With three decades of experience in the industry, Colin is once again adapting. He has stepped back from directing to take on the role of executive producer, mentoring and funding young filmmakers with promising ideas.

“I find talented young filmmakers, mentor them on commercial viability, and fund their projects,” Colin shares. “It’s time to pass the torch to a new generation.”

Acknowledging the importance of fresh perspectives, Colin has brought in Joe Evans as‘s Director of Business Development. Evans will focus on expanding the company’s partnerships, growing its traffic and revenue, and exploring new opportunities.

“I’ve been at this for 30 years; it’s time for new minds to lead,” Colin remarks.

For aspiring entrepreneurs in the adult industry, Colin advises finding one’s passion and leveraging trusted networks when evaluating opportunities.

“Find what you love in this space and pursue it,” he advises. “Build a network of trusted contacts and use it to vet new ideas.”

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